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The Pulaski County Tourism Bureau and Visitors Center is a non-profit organization, (501C6), funded through a 3% Guest Tax collected by hotels, motels, cabins, bed & breakfasts and vacation homes for room nights sold within the county.

We are the Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) for Pulaski County Missouri, organized for the sole purpose of promotion of tourism and the comprehensive marketing of our destination, in order to fuel the local business climate and broaden the local tax base. If you own a business in Pulaski County, visit our Partner page to learn how you can be involved and links to resources.
The revenue that we receive is used to market Pulaski County Missouri as a tourist destination in a variety of media outlets from internet marketing tools, print, radio, cable, billboards to tradeshow participation. Our reach in marketing is much further out in order to obtain those overnight stays, with aggressive campaigns that our local businesses are unable to fund on their own. With this marketing comes servicing the tourists. Assisting them with information and resources, planning motor coach, group and reunion itineraries and collecting of information about our Pulaski County partners and events. The Bureau also operates a state-of-the-art Visitors Center located north of Interstate 44, Exit 161.

Board Members

Rick Morris, President

Representing Lodging Industry

"The impacts of tourism on the Lodging industry is a no-brainer: Our partnership with Tourism is win-win. Tourism's efforts in attracting folks from all over the world to Pulaski County and our Mission to Serve our Guests and provide incredible Ozarks hospitality makes our partnership absolutely essential. Their efforts give people a reason to come to Pulaski County and we give them a reason to stay!"

Ursula Lebioda, Vice President

Representing Restaurant Industry

"Tourism in the restaurant world...More visitors= More Diners. Tourism directly impacts restaurants as the more travelers or visitors in Pulaski county the more diners available to frequent our local restaurants and flavors. With more travelers, that leads to more business, leading to more interest in opening up new restaurants, total economic boost, full circle!"

Janel Rowell, Secretary

Representing Waynesville-St Robert Chamber of Commerce (Saint Robert)

"I love working in the Hospitality industry because you are the face of your community as well as to help people have experiences in our community during their stay – experiences that can stay with them for life. Tourism is vital not only to my job (a hotel needs heads in beds!) but also can make or break a community. An active Tourism Bureau can be the example for other industries and organizations in regards to marketing our area, encouraging and promoting local events, and partnering with and being actively involved with other locations to drive interest in our area as well. A successful Bureau understands the needs of appealing locally, regionally, statewide, and even to other states as well as being open to partnering together for the greater good and ultimately the betterment of our community."

Betsy Thomson, Treasurer
Representing Lodging Industry

"Tourism is an extremely important to our day to day business. Having a local tourism bureau marketing outside of the immediate area is beneficial. Without the marketing placements in leisure and group outlets we would rely purely on travelers related to Fort Leonard Wood and the overnight Interstate traffic. We are able to book business for Route 66 travelers, military reunions, specialty groups and families coming to our area to enjoy the great outdoors, museums and activities Pulaski County offers."

Mike Allen

Representing Crocker Chamber of Commerce

"Tourism has become an important part of our community. The main benefits of tourism, for our community, is income creation and the generation of jobs. “ A good place to live is a good place to visit.” -unknown"

Todd Bailey

Representing Richland Chamber of Commerce

"Tourism is the backbone to economic growth in any community. The Bureau supports Richland encouraging tourists to explore the community, inviting them to shop for treasures, experience our unique eateries and spend the day at various events such as car shows and the annual Tri-County Fair. Investing in promotion of county-wide tourism assets are vital to continue to prosper and grow."

Shawn Cordry

Representing Waynesville-St Robert Chamber of Commerce (Waynesville)

"I am in the home loan industry. Thanks to the Tourism Bureau, people moving to the area can see all the hidden gems and things to do that you would not know existed because it’s not seen from the highway. The adventures are hidden on the back roads, along the 3 rivers and behind all the rolling hills of Pulaski County."

Roger Graves

Representing Dixon Chamber of Commerce

“Tourism matters to Dixon, Missouri! Frankly, without the assistance of Tourism, it would be a challenge to our rural destination to allocate the dollars necessary to promote ourselves to group and leisure travelers. Pulaski County Tourism Bureau enables our community to be on the Tourism map.”

Gayle Helms

Representing Pulaski County Outfitters Association

“Pulaski County Tourism Bureau has directly impacted Pulaski County Outfitters. Their Cooperative Marketing grants allow us to attend tradeshows that would normally be out of reach for our organization. Their direct marketing of the Big Piney & Gasconade to floaters and anglers has positively affected our numbers year after year. Pulaski County Tourism Bureau is especially helpful to spread the word that our outfitters are open for business after flood events. Tourism matters to Pulaski County Outfitters!”

Laura Schoephorster

Representing Business Interest

“Tourism is an economic driver for Pulaski County. Our hospitality industry, from the Mom & Pop restaurants and pumpkin patches in Crocker, Dixon, & Richland, to our branded hotels in Saint Robert, our eclectic boutiques and antique stores along Route 66 near Waynesville, to our outfitters along the Big Piney in the southern part of the county- they each benefit from the attention that Pulaski County Tourism Bureau generates through marketing our destinations to leisure and group travelers. Tourism matters to Pulaski County’s economy!”

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Pulaski County Tourism Bureau
137 Saint Robert Boulevard - Suite A ~ Saint Robert, Missouri (U.S.A.)  65584
Phone:  573.336.6355 / Toll Free:  877.858.8687

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